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Proposed seminars on creativity in companies


Who am I ?

An artist, sculptor, creator of forms and concepts, excited by the changes ushering in the twentyfirst century, who has been teaching in an arts school for over ten years.


What we are living today.

A vast revolution, a sort of ten-year long Renaissance (that of the sixteenth century lasted over a hundred years) which will force us not only to change but to adapt. And fast.


What I can offer you.

Knowledge and experience concerning creative mecanisms; the same creative mecanisms as in artistic, scientific and industrial domains. I propose a different approach and techniques derived from contemporary art.


What I propose.

One-day seminars in company offices or three-day seminars outdoors - in the country or in the mountains. Each intervention requires a personal project which takes into account the number of participants, the time avaible, the place and the company's cultural policy. It is more important for participants to discover and experiment in the course of these projects than to simply listen to a speaker.






- Discovering and using creative mecanisms.


- Thinking about team activity.


- Learning to work with new colleagues.